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This course is available for individuals who are passionate and wanting to learn how to lash. This course is a balance between hands on and theory. Individuals are given and taught the foundation of classic eyelash extensions in this 3 day course. This valuable experience will be the confidence you need to further build your lash empire!
Below is what is taught and the kit you will receive:

Course Contents 

  • Eyelash Anatomy and Growth

  • Product and Tool Expertise

  • Top Tweezer Practices

  • Classic Lash Application Method

  • Isolation Techniques

  • Eye Taping

  • Adhesive Safety

  • Preparation Before Appointments

  • Reactions and Sensitivities

  • Proper Hygiene and Safety

  • When Not To Lash

  • Advanced Lash Styles

  • Maintaining Healthy Lashes

  • Aftercare Techniques

  • Proper Lash Curl, Length, and Diameter

  • Classic Lash Fills

  • Lash Removal

  • Client Retention and Pricing

  • Lash Marketing and Social Media

The Kit:

  • Lash Travel Case

  • Mannequin

  • Cases of Lashes

  • Tweezers

  • Lash Tape and Gel Eye Pads

  • Glue Rings

  • Spoolies

  • Lip Applicators

  • Lash Cleanser + Brush 

  • Lash Extension Remover

  • Adhesive 

  • Mini Fan 

  • 2 Mirrors

  • Lash Tile

  • Certificate of Completion 

Individuals are always welcome back after course completion to sit in on appointments for a refresher, questions, and tips.

Please email before booking.

1:1 Lash Course: Text
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